David Sommerville

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Retired in 2012 after his 26th season, David has participated  well in excess of 1800 individual racing days which equates to 5+ consecutive YEARS of daily racing! Cranked out more than 300,00 miles with his share of victories, defeats, getting dropped countless times, hundreds of flats and spent thousands of hours on the bike.

  • Everyday Bike: Fuji Transinic SL and Cyfac Spirit (my actual bike on this site),
  • Other bikes: 1992 custom Cherry Bomb, 1994 custom Keith Anderson track bike and a few other gems.
  • Components: Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed with Stages Power
  • Wheels: HED Jet 60
  • Favorite Ride: Qinqhai Lake Region
  • Favorite Race: Tour of South China Seas or maybe Veulta Zuella
  • Favorite Clothing: TOR+ woven bib shorts by Verge Sport
  • Muffin or Pastry: Chocolate Croissant
  • Liquid: Strong Coffee, cream no sugar
  • Chamois Creme: Yes, please
  • You can find me riding: Prospect Park