It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away at David's first race team and bike shop Clarksville Schwinn allowed him to learn this fine art.  Really, it was just sweeping the floor to get free service, but he picked up valuable life lessons and kept with technology for 20 years. Crossover transitional years from hairdressing into the bike industry saw David turn a wrench at with some of the world's best shops and mechanics.



Fastest Mechanic in NYC competition - 2010

Last Thursday night, the Rapha Cycle Club NYC hosted a unique event to highlight the unsung work of the New York City bicycle mechanic. More often than not, a mechanic’s work is a mystery – we drop off our bikes, pick them up, and they are magically repaired. Very few of us appreciate the hard work – and art – that goes into building up a bike, but brute strength, technical know-how, and finesse are qualities that are demanded of a professional mechanic.

Rather than host a traditional bike build clinic, we decided to stage a show. We put together 4 of the city’s top mechanics and gave them all the elements to assemble a road bike from scratch. The catch – we would award a prize to the mechanic who could finish the build the fastest. 

Dave Sommerville from NYC Velo, John Britton from Signature Cycles, José Medina from Sid’s Bikes, and Mark Purdy from iFixByx were the competitors.  READ MORE >>>


Master Mechanic

Working alongside Mark Purdy, one of the best mechanics in the world, to service high-end bicycles and their customers needs in Manhattan, NY. 


NYC Velo

Service Manager

First rotation in the paceline of the Bicycle Industry, as Mechanic and Service Manager at the Lower East Side, NYC location.